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Master of Arts in Peacebuilding

Graduates of this 30-credit master’s program will have the skills and knowledge to plan and implement domestic and international peacebuilding projects.

Speaker at podium at George Mason University

Ms. Tawakkol Karaman, winner of 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, speaking about the "Arab Spring: Yemeni focus and the role of Women leadership" on the Fairfax campus of George Mason University on October 27, 2011.

The Master of Arts in Peacebuilding supports students interested in developing career-relevant skills for work on peacebuilding projects domestically and internationally. The program does this in three ways: 

  • First, with scaffolded practical skills-oriented courses and extensive internship opportunities, the program prepares graduates for reflective practice in planning and implementing peacebuilding initiatives and projects.
  • Second, consultations with practitioners and organizations in the field provided input to design a program that builds the practical and professional skill sets required in contemporary peacebuilding contexts both locally and internationally.
  • Third, the program pays particular attention to the ethics, inclusivity, and social justice aspects of being a peacebuilder throughout its content development and delivery. 

In addition to providing theoretical knowledge of peacebuilding to students, the program will provide students with ample opportunities to develop and hone practical and professional skills. 

This 30-credit program is designed to be completed over three semesters. During the first two terms (spring and summer), students will be in residence in Arlington and devoting their time to coursework. During the last term (fall), students will be placed in internships and will enroll in a practicum capstone course to build practical and professional skills.

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Note: The MA in Peacebuilding has been approved by the Board of Visitors and sent to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia for consideration as a new degree program.  Applications will be opened for this program once SCHEV approval has been granted.