Carter School Buddy Program

Building a welcoming community of inclusiveness and leadership for new students of all levels.

Two students point a selfie camera at themselves

Entering a new program can be stressful – learning the processes, balancing commitments, and, of course, the coursework.  Our students understand these challenges better than anyone, which is why we formed the Carter School Buddy Program.

Our vision is to see each of our students – whether they are undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. students – immediately feel a part of community that cares about their success.  To help ease the transition, the Carter School assign volunteer mentors to all incoming students.  Current students are encouraged to give back to the next generation of students by sharing experiences, resources, information, and advice.  It is our hope that these relationships will continue for the entirety of each student’s scholastic journey and far beyond graduation.

At the beginning of the academic year, each new student, regardless of program, will be paired with a current student (senior buddy) who will be their guide throughout their first year (or semester, for graduate programs) in the Carter School.  Each person within the buddy pair will receive a student resource guide outlining the expectations and resources available to them both.  In addition, a program liaison will be available to assist with any questions that arise.

For questions about the Buddy Program, or if you’re a current student who is interested in volunteering as part of the program, please reach out to your program liaison, below.

Leslie Durham,