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Student Research

Engage with the Field

Academic success is build upon effective skills and tools. The Carter School and Mason offer a multitude of resources and supports for advanced research.

Students helping at conference.

Students Charles Onyia, Adeeb Yousif Abdel Alla and Asaka Ishiguro were among those who helped to run the International Conflict Resolution Education Conference. Nearly 300 presenters and participants from about 30 nations attended the six-day event.

Present at Conferences and Talks

Attending conferences is a great way to test ideas, get published, and establish professional networks. We encourage students to attend and present at these gatherings, or organize their own with a group of colleagues.

Find conferences to attend by subject area, regional interests, or professional affiliations. Check the Community Network regularly for calls for proposals and for posting conference announcements. Contact a student advisor or the John Burton Library for more information or tips on presenting or help finding a conference. The Carter School has funds to help graduate students travel for conferences and workshops.

Publish Your Findings

Placing your work in a scholarly journal or book can be a real boost to your academic and professional career.

We encourage our students to look for appropriate venues to present their research to the academic community and to the public. If you intend to pursue a career in higher education, submitting an article will give you a taste of the competitive world of scholarly journal publication while honing your ability to write and edit. You'll learn:

  • The importance of following submission guidelines.
  • How to determine which publication is the best match for your work.
  • How to correctly cite and list references.
  • How to make the strongest possible argument for your results.

For more information, consult the University Libraries' Infoguide on Publishing, which includes specific links for our students.

Christopher Mcgee

Advance your Research

Connect with University Libraries' Conflict and Peace Studies Librarian Christopher Magee, for a research strategies consultation. While he often holds drop-in office hours at the John Burton Library, students can also set up appointments with him at

Christopher manages a Conflict and Peace Studies Infoguide of resources on how to:

  • Access research in the CAR field
  • Write a literature review
  • Find resources for writing and publishing

Students can also access the Conflict Portal, which serves as a gateway to organized online resources for research, programs, publications, and teaching in conflict analysis and resolution.

Promote Your Work

The Carter School supports and promotes your work. Let us know if you have a recent publication, whether it be a book, journal article or within the media. Tell us about your projects, interests, certifications and expertise so we can alert you to networking opportunities.

Find Guidance, Tools and Other Research Resources

Explore the University Libraries Infoguides and Research Portal for Mason resources including: citation and avoiding plagiarism tools, writing proposals and literature reviews, peace and conflict related journals and publishing information, services for online students, thesis and dissertation guides and workshops and skill development programs.

Research and Data Analysis Tools

University Libraries have a data services department with staff, workshops, and one-on-one assistance for data and Geographic Information System research tools. Check with both the University Libraries and the Burton Library to see which data software packages are available. Resources at the Burton Library include:

  • NVivo (versions 10, 11)
  • SPSS (version 23)
  • Provalis QDA Miner
  • Zotero