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Center for Study of Gender and Conflict

The center trains highly skilled practitioners and scholars through education, consulting, and in-depth assessments of conflict and its effects.

We address the structures that sustain gender conflict; equitable, lasting change is only possible when intervention includes political, cultural and social structures. We want our efforts to be:

  • Sustainable: We prioritize addressing the social, cultural and political structures that drive gender inequality and conflict, while supporting women and men in transforming their communities
  • Constructive: We use collaborative, field-based methods that include multiple perspectives when designing, implementing, and evaluating solutions.
  • Measurable: Resolutions require the participation of the community as a whole. We look for places in which small changes can make a difference.
  • Effective: We use innovative evaluation and monitoring methods to determine a program's success.

Our work focuses on such topics as:

Associated S-CAR faculty:

Dr. Leslie Dwyer, Director of CGC and Associate Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution