Spring 2023 Peace Week

Spring 2023 Peace Week will be held March 27th through March 31st. The Carter School Spring 2023 Peace Week titled What Works? Building Peace at Home and in the World in Challenging Times.

The Spring 2023 Peace Week will address the rise of conflicts, fragility, and crises on both global and domestic level that increases complexity of peacebuilding and uncertainty about its effectiveness. Sessions will concentrate on discussing effective, sustainable solutions to these challenges. Seminars, workshops and interactive sessions will present successful strategies, practices, and innovations in the field of peacebuilding and discuss new developments within peacebuilding architectures.


Spring 2023 Peace Week

Calling all Carter School students, faculty, staff, alumni, external organizations, and Mason affiliates who are interested in hosting a Peace Week session to submit their proposals.

Types of sessions:

  • Student lead research sessions (GRAD and UGRAD)
  • Alumni sessions
  • Introductory session – What is peace and conflict resolution?
  • Centers /Programs & Projects / Peace Labs 
  • Book Launches
  • Screenings 
  • Roundtables
  • Workshops 

*All sessions must be sponsored by a Carter School staff or faculty member

Sponsor responsibility: Hosts session, guide presenters leading up to event (reviewing presentation materials) – You must communicate with a host and get confirmation before filling out a proposal.

Find a faculty member who aligns with your research 

Proposals are due no later than January 2nd, 2023 

Proposed sessions will be reviewed and you will be notified by January 10th, if accepted to participate in Spring 2023 Peace Week.