Carter School Hosts Peace Week Basketball 

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Photo of Dean Ozerdem with PeacePlayers, men's and women's basketball teams, and students


The Carter School recently hosted Fall 2022 Peace Week, which brings together the Carter School community and the broader public in dialogue about peace, conflict resolution, and justice, the week of Sept. 19 and focused on the theme "Rethinking Peace: 2022 and Beyond.” For one of the more than 35 events, the Carter School partnered with Mason Men’s and Women’s Basketball programs on a joint initiative with PeacePlayers International, an organization that works with youth from divided communities around the globe, using basketball as a vehicle to unite, educate, inspire, change perceptions, create opportunities for peacebuilding, and develop leaders. PeacePlayers alumni from the Middle East, South Africa, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, and the United States, came together with Mason student athletes in a series of activities strategically designed to foster a culture of collaboration, open dialogue with people from different backgrounds, build trust, and empower leadership skills. Through a panel discussion and Q&A, PeacePlayer alumni shared their stories and journeys to achieving peace in their local communities. Learn more about Peace Week here.

Students engaged in physical activities/games.

*Article originally appeared in the Provost Newsletter, October 5, 2022.