Peace Art

Image Credit: "My Dream of World Peace" By VincentiusMatthew

Peace Art

Calling all Mason students, alumni and interested high school students... Submit your entry for a chance to have your artwork showcased AND win a $200 prize!
Use your Imagination to create an original artwork that communicates peacebuilding... interpersonally, globally, or in the community.

Entries should be submitted no later than October 15, 2023. 


Getting Started

  1. Create your artwork using any materials you want - from crayons to found objects to photography
  2. Title your work and include a brief statement about what you have created and how it represents peacebuilding
  3. Submit your entry by sending all of the following to
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​your original artwork as a high resolution .png or .jpeg
    • the Entrant Agreement signed form 
    • title and statement of explanation of the artwork's connection to peace or conflict resolution
    • short artist bio (50 words or less)
    • school affiliation


To enter the Peace Art Contest, entrants must agree to the competition rules and terms and conditions as stated in the Peace Art Entrant Agreement, which should be downloaded, signed, and sent to

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Artistic merit: artistic qualities of the work
  2. Creativity and originality: the unique approach of the piece
  3. Theme communication: how well peacebuilding is expressed in both the artwork and the written supporting statement
  4. Aesthetics: use of color and design
  5. Rules: adherence to the Contest Rules and requirements
Image collage with rainbow emitting from bomb, airplanes dropping flowers on plant growing out of pile of guns among anti war signs and musical instrument.

2021 Peace Art winner

Sailing off Traces of Affliction

Collage by Isabella Cuevas

To me, peacebuilding is cultivating a space where people can freely dance, clearly see, listen to melodies, and aspire to their objectives. It is a transformation, where more tranquility is observed, felt, and experienced. This piece of art represents that vision and that space where mass violence is not a viable response.

- Isabella Cuevas

2022 Peace Art Competition Winners

A mouth opened by two hands; inside the mouth is a heart being squeezed by another hand, and the heart is surrounded by eyes.

Speak Your Heart

By Sean L. Smith

A vase of flowers sitting in front of a windowpane with clouds in the sky


By Maximilian K. Crotty

Image credits for artwork on this page

  • Top Banner image: "My Dream of World Peace" by VincentiusMatthew is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.
  • “Sailing off Traces of Affliction” by Isabella Cuevas. Copyright Isabella Cuevas and the Carter School.
  • Peace-Built” by Max Crotty. Copyright Max Crotty and the Carter School.
  • Speak Your Heart” by Sean Smith. Copyright Sean Smith and the Carter School.