Conflict Resolution for Political Leadership Training Program

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Course Description

While we are planning several courses for the Political Leadership Academy, our 3-day inaugural course is entitled “Conflict Resolution for the Political Leader.” It will be a web-based, non-credit certificate course and feature guest lecturers from the Carter School, esteemed political professionals and practitioners, and Academy leadership delivering interactive curriculum based on the nexus of political leadership skills, common conflict areas experienced by political leaders, and conflict resolution ideas, models, and practice. It will also include break-out group sessions focusing on collaborative learning and experience-sharing which will engage applicable skills and reflective practice.

This course will reflect the Academy’s delivery of industry-leading instruction on conflict resolution for the political leader. It is based on a robust curriculum written to illuminate and address the roots of conflict and its resolution and opportunities within the political arena and equip the political leader to become more resourceful, efficient, and productive. 

Course Overview

Sample Lesson Plan


The course will run for three Saturdays from September 26th through October 10th with 2, two-hour sessions each day. Additionally, there will be 2 networking exercises on 30 Sep and 7 Oct (break out group-type exercises), totaling approximately 15 hours. Each session will be delivered on the basis of 3 main characteristics: imparting relevant knowledge + learning from practice + group work. Depending on the particular focus for the session, each component would be around 30-45 min to allow adequate time for participants to engage with each other and the presenters.

Applications are due by September 13.

Where and Who

This program will take place online utilizing a secure platform such as WebEx. It is offered specifically to people involved in politics at any level including political leaders, staff, administration, those whose line of work is “political” in nature, and those who aspire to be in such positions. However, the course is open to anyone who would like to participate.


The cost of attendance is $750. This will both cover the cost of the current program and allow for the development of a foundation of finance for future iterations of the Academy. Scholarships will be made available and apparent for those who would be in need. 


This course will consist of active, engaging, and dynamic sessions that utilize multiple formats of content delivery. In order to highlight the necessity to engage both ideas and practice in conflict resolution in politics, sessions will be led by a combination of scholars, practitioners, and experienced political professionals. Sessions will include content delivery and engagement through lectures, presentations, roundtable discussions, participant collaboration, question and answer forums, and role simulation. It will be emphasized that participants should come to both gain and share knowledge, experience, and insight as a part of the program and its networking opportunities. 

While not yet confirmed, the course outline will be similar to the following (again, all will be online due to the current health realities):


26 September

Session 1: Contemporary Political Leadership

Session 2: Conflict Analysis and Resolution (CAR) 101


30 September

Networking Gathering


3 October

Session 3: Crisis and Political Leadership  

Session 4: Leadership in a Polarized Society


07 October

Networking Gathering


10 October

Session 5: Bipartisanship and Coalition Building

Session 6: Leadership and Community Engagement