Better Evidence Project

The Better Evidence Project (BEP) connects the most useful evidence developed by scholars and practitioners with other practitioners, policymakers, donors, and scholars who seek evidence-based insights to guide their work.

BEP works to address gaps in the knowledge base in the field of conflict resolution and makes available existing evidence to those working to prevent war.

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The Better Evidence Project was created when a group of leading academic, practitioner, and funding organizations met at George Mason University in February 2020 to determine how best to initiate the research needed to produce better evidence.

With the generous support of Milt Lauenstein, BEP’s mission is to identify and make accessible multiple types of resources that influence policy and action, and ensure resources are allocated effectively. The BEP team investigates, researches and synthesizes knowledge and practice while also facilitating connections between academics and practitioners to exchange ideas and lessons learned.
BEP is housed in the Center for Peacemaking Practice within the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University.
Through its Resource Center, BEP curates and constantly updates a wide array of evidence-based materials to enable practitioners, donors, and policymakers, to strengthen their efforts to end wars, prevent armed conflicts and build sustainable peace. 

Learn more on the BEP website.