John Mitchell, Jr. Program for History, Justice, and Race

The John Mitchell, Jr. Program for History, Justice, and Race was founded to engage local state and national partners in peacebuilding and conflict resolution by studying the ways in which historical memories are foundational to political and social identity in America.  

Vision, Work, Practice

The John Mitchell, Jr. Program for History, Justice, and Race contributes to and promotes a more informed public, political, and academic dialogue on the intersections between historical memory, justice, and racial reconciliation. As such the program is dedicated to the practice of examining the ways in which historical understandings of racial violence and activism in the United States can inform current and future episodes of racial violence and social justice activism. We prepare a new generation of leaders, educators, and peacemakers, who are prepared with the knowledge, skills, and passion to help confront historical trauma, promote justice and move towards healing and reconciliation in America. 

Current Initiatives

(In) Visible Stories: Salvaging Untold Histories of Marginalized Communities

This initiative is an intergenerational oral history project focusing on the personal meaning that is found within marginalized communities. The first phase of this project will be focused specifically on Penn-North, Berea, and the Cherry Hill communities of Baltimore, Maryland focusing on the intersections of history, memory, and identity in city life. The collaborators see the collective memory of racial violence, politics and civil rights, as being central to shaping a better future for race relations in the United States.

The Black and Jewish Forum of America

The initiative was created to promote understanding and cooperation between Black and Jewish Communities throughout the nation.  BJFA encourages both communities to work together to address issues of racism and religious discrimination and to promote social and economic justice. BJFA will sponsor lectures, events, trips both domestically and abroad, educational programs and collaborative projects. 

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Staff & Team Members

Dr. Charles L. Chavis, Jr., Ph.D., Director

Team Members
Douglas Irvin-Erickson, Ph.D.
Daniel Rothbart, Ph.D.
Karina Korostelina, Ph.D.
Sara Cobb, Ph.D.