Outstanding Faculty

Our faculty are more than university scholars; they also go into the field, bringing their expertise to the thorniest conflicts. Their ongoing projects include election monitoring in Afghanistan, conflict assessment in Ethiopia, and developing community-based peace education programs in Sierra Leone and Burundi. In the United States, they work in economically distressed areas, research conflicts around race and ethnicity, and study equality issues.

Carter School teacher Pamela Struss works with undergraduate student

Carter School teacher Pamela Struss works with undergraduate student Jenna Letsch at the Fairfax Campus. Struss has worked with religiously based organizations, governments in Ecuador and Suriname and is a certified Mediator for the Virginia Association of Realtors, and Prince William Association of Realtors.


At the Carter School, you'll explore your passions and interests under the guidance and mentoring of some of the field's leading minds. They'll provide opportunities for hands-on experience and help you develop a deep understanding of your area of interest.


Our Faculty:


  • Hail from a dozen academic disciplines, such as sociology, law, communications, international relations, anthropology, philosophy, social psychology, and political science.
  • Write foundational field texts on such topics as culture, social identity, narrative, religion, history and education, gender, and peacebuilding and consciousness.
  • Lead field-based projects and programs across the globe, including in the Middle East, Africa, the Caucasus, and North America
  • Have been recognized with fellowships and distinguished honors from the Fulbright Program, Rotary International, the U.S. Institute of Peace, the Kellogg Foundation, and more
  • Offer our students the benefit of more than 5 decades of research, practice, and teaching experience.

Whatever your goal — undergraduate degree, certificate, masters, PhD — our world-class faculty will be there at every step, preparing you to excel on your chosen career path.