Faculty Resources

Carter School Committees

Executive Committee

Alpaslan Özerdem (Dean)
Julie Rouge (Assoc Dean)
Mara Schoeny (Director of Undergraduate Programs)
Susan Allen (Director of Graduate Programs)
Solon Simmons (Chair of Faculty Board)
Karina Korostelina (Chair of Research Committee)
Tehama Lopez Bunyasi (Chair of Curriculum Committee)

Curriculum Committee

Tehama Lopez Bunyasi (Chair)
Julie Rouge
Mara Schoeny
Thomas Flores
Solon Simmons
Doug Irvin-Erickson

Research Committee

Karina Korostelina (Chair)
Marc Gopin
Susan Allen
Antti Pentikainen
Mara Schoeny (ex-officio)
Thomas Flores (ex-officio)


Don Rothbart (Chair)
Patricia Maulden
Solon Simmons

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


Leslie Dwyer
Arthur Romano 

Faria Rashid, PhD representative
Briana Taylor, PhD DEI Fellow
Scott Vault, MS representative
Yong June Kim, Mason Korea representative
Meron Girma, Undergraduate representative
Charisse Cardenas, Associate Director of Graduate Student Services
Maria Seniw, Director of Development
Julie Rouge (Dean’s Office ex-officio representative), Associate Dean
Solon Simmons, faculty
Patricia Maulden, faculty

Point of View Development Committee

Alpaslan Özerdem (Chair)
Susan Allen (Henry Hart Rice Chair)
Julie Rouge
Jessica X Avila-franco
Maria Seniw