Mary Hoch Center for Reconciliation

MHCR leads research on locally-led reconciliation practice, collaboratively developing and leading trainings for practitioners and students of reconciliation. With a specific focus on insider reconcilers, MHCR facilitates collaborations among scholars and practitioners examining how faith and indigenous narratives mitigate conflicts and heal community relationships.

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MHCR is currently focusing on the following activities to strengthen the impact of reconciliation process design: 

  • Research on reconciliation processes and practice. 
  • Training for insider reconcilers and field-based practitioners 
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration to strengthen reconciliation processes.
  • Engagement with grassroots communities in reconciliation globally and domestically. 

MHCR is committed to a holistic, multi-tiered approach, convening policy makers, civil servants, academics, and practitioners for inclusive engagement. Director Antti Pentikainen is a leading expert with years of experience in reconciliation and peace processes. Under Mr. Pentikainen’s guidance, students engaged with MHCR will blend cutting-edge research with trainings and support for field-based practitioners working within conflicts.

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