Rotary-Carter School Collaboration for Peace

To help Rotary clubs around the world achieve their peacebuilding potential, generous donors in partnership with a group of Rotary Clubs have launched a new collaboration with the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, the largest and top-ranked US University program for Peace and Conflict Resolution.

We invite you to connect with us and this important work, taking action for peace.

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The collaborative efforts of the Carter School and Rotary International are realized under four interrelated pillars that guide Rotarians through a process from initial engagement to actualization. Inspiration begins with connection at a Peace Salon, furthered by education in critical tools for peacebuilding, supported through access to the information repository and human networks of the Better Evidence Project, and implemented through the incubation and acceleration of Rotarian-led peacebuilding programs executed on the ground. The initiative is designed to engage Rotarians at any level of experience and provide them with a pathway to becoming a peacebuilder.

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Peace Project Incubation and Acceleration

The Rotary-Carter School Collaboration for Peace will serve as an incubator and accelerator to galvanize, raise resources for, and provide technical support for selected local, national, and transnational peace projects and programs. Rotarian-led projects will benefit from comprehensive support, including initial seed funding and budget planning, mentorship, capacity-building workshops, scholarly and expert support from Carter School professionals, regular check-ins, workshops, and advisory board guidance. This holistic approach ensures that projects are well-funded, expertly guided, and equipped with essential skills for successful implementation. The pilot phase will work with a small number of projects to create modalities with the potential to be replicated and reproduced across the Rotary world.

Contribute to the collaborative peace project incubation and acceleration efforts of the Carter School and Rotary International by filling out the short needs assessment.

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Peacebuilding Learning Initiative

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Rotary International and George Mason University’s Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution announce a new learning curriculum developed specifically for Rotarians that blends service and peacebuilding skills and tools with Rotary and Rotaract club needs around the world. Peacebuilding and conflict resolution faculty and practitioners will design in consultation with Rotarians a series of learning modules focused on strengthening the conflict resolution skills and tools of Rotarians.  Two 20-hour interactive workshops will be piloted in the Washington DC area for Rotary Club Presidents in order to assess and create a learning curriculum that will be available in the coming years to Rotarians around the globe.  The workshops will also engage Rotarians on the most effective ways to take back what is learned to their respective Rotary Clubs. The workshop will include relevant case studies, lessons learned from community peacebuilding projects, learning activities, role plays and project design.  In addition, the Carter School will create an on-line course designed specifically for Rotarians, combining an emphasis on peacebuilding, community service, conflict analysis, communication tools, and facilitation skills. It will be asynchronous but also enable those who take the course to participate in live webinars and have access to Carter School faculty and peace and conflict resources through the Carter School’s Better Evidence Project Peacebuilding Hub.

Help the Carter School and Rotary International design the learning curriculum on peacebuilding tools by filling out the short needs assessment.

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Better Evidence Project

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The Carter School and Rotary International have created new opportunities for Rotarians interested in peacebuilding service projects to connect with a wealth of resources about peace and conflict while also connecting with each other.  The Carter School’s Better Evidence Project has created a virtual Resource Center that will enable Rotarians to be more effective in their service.  Additionally, the Better Evidence Project will soon launch its new Peacebuilding Hub and Peace Action Network which will enable Rotarians engaged in peacebuilding-related activities to connect with other Rotarians and Rotary and Rotaract Clubs in the United States and around the world as well as with other peacebuilders and peacebuilding organizations.  Learning from carefully-chosen materials and learning from each other and the experiences from other peacebuilding activities and projects will be beneficial to all concerned, particularly those communities served by Rotarians that are affected by conflict.

Please check out the Better Evidence Project Resource Center.

And then watch for an announcement shortly about the launch of the new Peace Action Network!

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Salons for Peace

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The Rotary-Carter Collaboration introduces "Salons for Peace," a transformative thought leadership, networking, and fundraising series. Designed to address pressing and contemporary global issues in conflict and possibilities for peace, these salons bring together Rotary club members, Carter School affiliates, and subject matter experts in engaging discussions on topics ranging from regional conflicts to dynamics of peacebuilding. These intellectually stimulating gatherings, initially in the DMV region and expanding to global venues, serve as hubs of knowledge exchange, fostering dialogue and understanding. By creating an intimate environment in homes, clubs, and other small venues where diverse perspectives meet, we aim to enhance peacebuilding efforts and conflict prevention strategies. These salons not only empower Rotary and community members but also provide a unique platform for cultivating prospective donors. Through strategic planning, engaging discussions, and collaborative partnerships, Salons for Peace signify the Rotary – Carter School commitment to fostering peace, understanding, and unity on a global scale.

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