Carter School Peace Labs

An enabling home for research devoted to design and implement innovative programs, models, and practices.

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With 40 years of experience, the Carter School is the leading institution for education and research in the field of conflict analysis and resolution.  We develop and test tools and processes to assist governments, educational institutions, peacebuilding organizations, and communities assess in addressing the root causes of conflict, preventing violence, and creating a more inclusive and just society.  Our systemic approach is rooted in theoretical innovations, research and evidence, effective practices, and long-term collaboration across multiple tracks and actors in peace mediation.

Our faculty, students – undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D., and alumni – as well as affiliated practitioners and partners experiment, innovate, test, and advance social technologies related to the dynamics of conflict and sustaining peace. Peace Labs, a leading source for education and innovation, is devoted to forming new alliances to sustain peace and partnering with institutions in the US and abroad to design and implement new programs, models, and practices.


Peace Labs incorporates innovation, unconventional methodologies, and cutting-edge knowledge to design solutions and processes required for reducing violence, building sustainable peace, and restoring relations among social groups. We create evidence-based, measurable, and reproducible responses to the challenges posed by conflict.


Peace Labs provides innovative tools for systemic analysis of conflict situations and dynamics, to help institutions, organizations, and communities assess existing conditions, resources, and programs, and assist with collaborative problem-solving.


Peace Labs identifies, tests, and enhances existing practices, tools, and models of peacebuilding and reconciliation, assessing their potential and advancing their applications across different social contexts. We empower community-based groups and support cross-fertilization between institutions at all levels of society. 

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