Scholarships: Invest in Future Peacebuilders

Gifts of Promise

Gifts of scholarship make opportunity possible—and at the Carter School they are an investment in the future change makers and peace builders. With over 15 named scholarships and awards, donors demonstrate their passion and personal commitments in areas such as:

  • Genocide and atrocity prevention
  • Diplomacy and sustained dialogue
  • Contemporary dispute resolution
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Historical impacts on current conflicts

Scholarships allow students to engage in experiential learning, study abroad, and conduct advanced research and fieldwork visits. This support helps us meet the promise of a robust education with limited financial burden.

We are especially grateful for the scholarship endowments that serve as a lasting tribute to founding faculty of the Carter School and recognition of their leadership in conflict resolution and peace studies.

"As someone who grew up in a society in conflict, I understand the importance of diplomacy and finding solutions that are based on non-violence. In my mind, there hasn’t been a much more pertinent time to focus on diplomacy and dialogue; we have global challenges on our hand that will require global effort and cooperation to solve. I firmly believe that we all share common ideals of living an honorable life in peace and prosperity and that it is our duty to work together to achieve those goals."

Ziad Achkar is a doctoral student who was awarded the Saunders Scholarship Endowment