Scholarships: Invest in Future Peacebuilders

Photo of conflict and peace studies student receiving scholarship award from the dean

Student scholarships are made possible through the generosity of the Carter School's closest donors, alumni, and partners.

Embodying a Generosity of Spirit

Our students are our greatest contribution to the world, and we are grateful to every donor who chooses to support them. The Carter School offers a variety of scholarships to help students achieve their goals and recognize their unique contributions to our community.

Doctoral student in conversation with undergraduate students
Angelina Mendes is a doctoral student teaching Carter School undergraduates. Angelina earned the Wallace Warfield Memorial Scholarship in 2019 to conduct a research project of visual storytelling with a group of refugee women in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Gifts of scholarship are our highest priority, they allow us to increase access for students and produce the next generation of thought leaders. The Carter School is committed to raising funds that ensure we can meet the needs of students at every level. Our students are making positive changes in the world and working towards a more just and peaceful society globally. Your generous gifts enrich their education and make field work, experiential learning, and research with impact possible.

"As someone who grew up in a society in conflict, I understand the importance of diplomacy and finding solutions that are based on non-violence. In my mind, there hasn’t been a much more pertinent time to focus on diplomacy and dialogue; we have global challenges on our hand that will require global effort and cooperation to solve. I firmly believe that we all share common ideals of living an honorable life in peace and prosperity and that it is our duty to work together to achieve those goals."

Ziad Achkar is a doctoral student who was awarded the Saunders Scholarship Endowment