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Research and Impact

Resolving conflict and building peace is vital to our lives, our livelihoods, and our world. Mason's Carter School provides scholars and practitioners with the tools to understand underlying issues of conflicts and find workable peacebuilding approaches. Our faculty and alumni work with conflict affected communities to respond to local, national, and global disputes.

We Train Future Leaders While Leading the Way to Peace

The Carter School is at the forefront in developing theories, conducting research, and crafting techniques to resolve issues at home and abroad.

You'll find that conflict can be constructive, and you’ll put that idea into practice, learning to quickly assess the big picture, see all sides of an issue, and offer effective suggestions and feedback.

We know what works. Our faculty and students are in the field, resolving pressing domestic and international problems. We are:

  • Monitoring elections in post-conflict societies, such as Afghanistan.
  • Conducting cutting-edge research on the challenges of integrating migrants in Western Europe.
  • Writing conflict assessments about such nations as Ethiopia for international organizations trying to prevent conflict.
  • Helping local governments create public decision-making processes.
PhD Alumnus Michael Shank in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Michael Shank, a PhD alumnus of the Carter School, speaks at the 50th anniversary celebration of the March on Washington.