Retreat Facility Photos

Belmont Bay coastline with pink sunshine overcast
Beautiful Belmont Bay

The Point of View property offers a unique opportunity to connect in a peaceful environment.

Sun-filled dining room at Point of View Retreat
Share a Meal In a Cozy Setting

Sun-filled dining room at Point of View Retreat

Full view of Point of View from the outside
Take it Outside

No need to stay huddled around a conference table. Point of View grounds are meant to be explored.

Sun setting through the trees over water
Bringing Light To Difficult Subjects

Sunsets at Point of View are particularly breathtaking. As visitors stop to take in the natural beauty conversations happen organically. 

Deer on the lawn at Point of View
Deer on the lawn at Point of View

Take a walk on the Point of View grounds and you're likely to run into some special guests. 

gorgeous water view at Point of View
A Wonderful Space for Reflection

Point of View's location on the water provides visitors with spaces to reflect in peace. 

Chairs facing window at Point of View Retreat
A Place to Study in Peace

Study spaces flooded with natural light offer an organic path to reflective thought. 

table and chairs surrounded by bookshelves
Borrow a Book From Our On-Site Library

Our on-site library has publications and resources to facilitate robust conversations.