Postdoctoral and Research Faculty

  • Hogai Aryoubi smiling.

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    Hogai works on the Locally-led Peace (LLP) research in reorientating disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration processes in the DRC towards bottom-up, community-centered programming.
  • Photo of Charles Davidson

    Research Assistant Professor
    Political Leadership Academy Director

    Dr. Davidson is a scholar-practitioner of conflict resolution focusing on civil war, insurgency, and vulnerable populations with over a decade of experience in economic peacebuilding in war-torn countries working most recently in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and previously in Iraq, Afghanistan, Uganda, Colombia, and Burundi.
  • Headshot of Jeff Helsing

    Research Associate Professor
    Executive Director of the Better Evidence Project

    Helsing has taught a broad range of subjects, including conflict resolution, analysis of war and peace, negotiations, human rights and conflict, and international relations theory. Prior to joining the Carter School, he spent 23 years at the United States Institute of Peace, including as head of USIP’s Education and Training Department.
  • Headshot of Antti Pentikäinen

    Director, Mary Hoch Center for Reconciliation, Carter School
    Research Professor, Carter School

    Antti holds experience in peace processes and reconciliation in Somalia, South Sudan and Libya. His efforts now focus on developing support mechanisms to connect insider reconcilers with state level political processes.
  • Photo of Margarita Tadevosyan

    Research Assistant Professor, Carter School
    Executive Director, Center of Peacemaking Practice
    PhD Alum, Carter School

    Margarita has extensive experience in peace and reconciliation work in the South Caucaus. Since 2012 she has been facilitating Georgain-South Ossetian reconciliation dialogues together with Carter School faculty Dr. Susan Allen.