Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Dispute Resolution

Creating space for creative problem-solving and conflict management in the workplace.

Welcome to the Carter School

Our transition to the Carter School is a declaration of our position and an affirmation that we, as a school, pursue a particular set of values: compassion, humility, solidarity, a calling for social justice, and a commitment to peace.

Peace Can Be Your Mission

Amid the growing effort to provide comprehensive education to nurture the field of conflict resolution, the Carter School stands as a beacon. Learn how you can build skills to create a better world.

Point of View: A Home for Peace

A natural environment away from the everyday hustle and bustle provides an ideal setting for generating new ideas and for transformative connections and collaborations.

Executive and Professional Education

Learn the leadership and conflict resolution skills you need to succeed with our professional development courses and customized training – without having to commit to a full degree program. Expand your portfolio of professional skills.

Preventing War

Learn what works in promoting peace. Join a hub of scholars, practitioners, donors, and policy makers that seeks informed understanding of effective measures in preventing wars and resolving conflicts.

New Master's Concentration in Peacebuilding

With the new Peacebuilding concentration of our MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, you can learn the skills required to bring peace to divided communities.

Research Supports Lasting Peace

The Carter School Peace Labs incubate innovative, multidisciplinary, and participatory research initiatives to explore new frontiers in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.


"By becoming the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, we've started the next phase of our journey as an institution committed to furthering both the research and practice of conflict resolution. In this effort, we are taking the Carters' unwavering dedication to peace as our beacon and our guide."

Dr. Alpaslan Özerdem, Dean of the Carter School
Mason’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution to change name to champion Carter legacy
A Tribute to the Carters' Legacy

Mason’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution changes name to honor Carter commitment to peacemaking.


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