Carter School Peace Week

Our Tradition

In Fall 2020, the Carter school launched a new tradition to bring together the Carter School community and the broader public in dialogue about peace, conflict resolution, and justice.  This inaugural event was birthed out of the recognition of the International Day of Peace, which is recognized every year on September 21st.  The Carter School decided to take that recognition a little further with week-long activities and events in the Spring and Fall.

Fall 2023 Peace Week

Fall 2023 Peace Week titled Building Peace in Partnership will be held September 18th through September 22nd.

It is becoming increasingly evident that sustaining peace and promoting justice requires building partnerships between different types of actors, from local to global. Such partnerships between academic institutions, policymakers, practitioners, and regional organizations increase legitimacy, adaptability, and responsiveness to societal challenges. Partnerships also increase participation and meaningful inclusion of peacebuilding actors with different profiles and mandates. However, partnerships are hard to achieve and not problem free. Through different forms of discussion, presentations, and seminars, the Fall 2023 Peace Week will explore peace partnerships, joint peacebuilding initiatives, and broader coalitions that open doors for innovative, effective, inclusive, and sustainable solutions and the development of new tools essential for making breakthroughs in conflict transformation and peace processes.