Child soldiers and youth struggle to deal with a wide range of post-conflict challenges - Dean Özerdem interviewed by Arab News

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In an article by Arab News, Dean Alpaslan Özerdem analyzes the dynamics of post-conflict reintegration of child soldiers and the impacts of their use on public psychology. The article by Rober Bociaga, published on September 1, 2013, is entitled, Sudan conflict poses threat of long-term societal harm as recruitment of child soldiers surges.

Excerpt from the article:

“Central to the discourse of child soldier reintegration is the delicate balance between recognizing their agency and avoiding the pitfalls of infantilization or demonization,” Ozerdem said.

In his view, the pendulum swings between perceiving these children as vulnerable and powerless and deserving of protection to fearing their potential for violence and harm, thus viewing them as a threat.

“This dichotomy shapes reintegration policies, often casting them either as passive victims or imminent threats,” Ozerdem added.

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