Mansoor Ehsan

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Scholar in Residence


Dr. Mansoor Ehsan is a seasoned political analyst who specializes in Afghanistan and Central Asia studies. He has over nine years of research experience and numerous publications. Dr. Ehsan has published extensively in credible publications on the topics of democracy, nationalism, state-building, peace-building, political Islam, and human security. In his book "Democratization Process in Afghanistan: Islam, Tradition, and Modernity", he gave a comprehensive analysis of the democratization process in Afghanistan. In addition to his research and teaching expertise, Dr. Ehsan served from 2014 to 2016 as the Head of the Center for Law and Political Science at Karwan University. He has also taught international affairs at Kabul University and the Center for Diplomacy and International Studies (DIS) at the University of Afghanistan. To add to his many accomplishments, he is a founding member of the Kabul-based think tank, the Afghanistan Association of Political Science and International Relations (AAPSIR).” 

Dr. Ehsan joined the Carter School as Scholar in Residence in 2022 as part of George Mason University's Afghan Scholars Program.