Cost of Conflict

Cost of Conflict: Core Dimensions of the Georgian-South Ossetian Context is an analytical publication which presents diverse views of Georgian, South Ossetian and international experts.

Georgian and South Ossetain peacebuilders worked together with George Mason University and the Alliance for Conflict Transformation, and with the financial support of the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund by the UK government and the United States Agency for International Development, to create an analytical publication that examines the costs of this conflict. “Comments from the Editors” provides more background on the publication.

Table of Contents

Comments from the Editors


Institutional Costs of the Georgian-South Ossetian Conflict: The Transformation of Political Institutions in South Ossetia
By Dina Alborova

The Conflicts and Georgian National Institutions: Time for Rethinking?!
By George Kanashvili


Costs of Conflicts in Georgia and Obstacles to its Development
By Medea Turashvili

Understanding the Impact of Armed Conflict in South Ossetia on its Social Capital and Networks
By Svetlana Valieva*

The author revised the English version of her article originally included in this publication. Per author's request we are publishing online the updated English version of her artilce.


The Financial Side of the Conflict: The Case of the Georgian-South Ossetian Conflict
By Vakhtang Charaia

Cost of Conflict: The Economic Aspect
By Fatima Dzhoieva


The Cost of the South Ossetian Conflict on Russian-EU Relations
By Sabine Freizer and Varvara Pakhomenko

Russia and South Ossetia: Formation of a New Status Quo and the Cost of Stability
By Sergey Markedonov

The Costs to the United States of the August 2008 War
By Cory Welt*

*The author revised his article originally included in this publication. The updated version can be accessed here in English. 


Georgian version of the publication can be accessed on the webpage of the Institute for the Study of Nationalism and Conflict, as well as on the webpage of Caucasian House - The Center for Cultural Relations