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Conflict Analysis and Resolution, BA

The world is becoming increasingly connected and the ability to create and maintain cross-cultural connections is more important than ever. As the effects of violence and conflict are felt throughout the global community, we are seeing more and more opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, and peacebuilding in local communities and across international barriers. To prepare our students to make cross-cultural connections, Bachelor's of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Resolution students must demonstrate intermediate level proficiency in a foreign language.

Conflict Analysis and Resolution, BS

The Bachelor of Science degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution pulls content and courses from across the social science disciplines. Courses include an emphasis on asking the right questions to analyze conflict effectively and designing real world interventions that will work. Research and theory are paired with hands on skill development, preparing students for careers across a spectrum of possibilities.


Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Minor

A great complement to any major, this interdisciplinary 15-credit minor equips students with knowledge and skills that can be applied to many fields of study or professional careers. Learn to identify and analyze sources of conflict, and apply conflict resolution theories to practical, real-world situations in your community, country, workplace, and personal life.

Sport and Conflict Resolution, Minor

This minor will help prepare students to work for organizations dedicated to using sports for development, community building and peace. It provides students with a cross section of courses in sports management and conflict resolution. Courses in sports management frame the sports industry in a philosophical, ethical, cultural and business context.