Reconstruction of Ukraine’s Higher Education


In an article published in the Wilson Center's blog Focus Ukraine, Dean Alpaslan Özerdem, wrote about the opportunity and need for planning for the reconstruction of Higher Education in Ukraine. Özerdem argues that, "higher education will be needed to keep up with the need for more trained people. No matter how much reconstruction funding is provided, if the country lacks people with the skills to use the help effectively, the reconstruction experience will become a major disappointment for everyone, from donors to national authorities to the war-torn communities themselves."

Excerpt from the article:

When it comes to rebuilding education in a war-affected country, the priority placed by the international community is not often at the higher end. There are many good reasons for this in other, less developed, war-torn countries, as the primary challenge has often concerned literacy and other fundamental education problems. However, Ukraine is different. By investing in its higher education, the opportunities for scaling up reconstruction efforts will be significantly multiplied. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Read the full article on Focus Ukraine, a blog of the Kennan Institute at the Wilson Center.

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