• Photo of Douglas Irvin-Erickson

    Assistant Professor, Carter School Director of the Genocide Prevention Program, Carter School

    Dr. Irvin-Erickson has worked in the field of genocide studies and mass atrocity prevention in DR Congo, Burundi, Cambodia, Myanmar, Ukraine, and Argentina. He is the author of books, chapters, and articles on genocide, religion and violence, human security, international criminal law, and political theory.
  • Photo of Karina Korostelina

    Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Carter School

    Professor Korostelina is a social psychologist whose work focuses on social identity and dynamics of identity and power in protracted social conflicts.
  • Photo of Tehama Lopez Bunyasi

    Associate Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Carter School

    A political scientist by training, Dr. Lopez Bunyasi's scholarship is broadly concerned with matters of race, racism and antiracism in the United States, with specializations in structural inequality, racial attitudes and ideologies, racial marginalization, and the politics of whiteness.
  • Photo of Terrence Lyons

    Professor of Conflict Resolution, Carter School

    Terrence Lyons focuses his research on comparative peace processes and post-conflict politics, with a regional emphasis on Africa.
  • Photo of Borislava Manojlovic

    Assistant Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University Korea, Carter School

    Dr. Borislava Manojlovic is a professor of Carter School’s Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program at George Mason University Korea, and a Co-director at the Peace and Conflict Studies Center Asia (PACSC Asia). She is an expert in peacebuilding, transitional justice, dealing with the past, education in post-conflict settings, and atrocities prevention. 
  • Photo of Patricia Maulden

    Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution, Carter School
    Student Engagement Coordinator, Carter School

    Dr. Maulden's research interests include generational and gendered dynamics of conflict and peace, social militarization/demilitarization processes, urbanization, post-conflict peace economies, and building peace practices.
  • Headshot photo of Alp Ozerdem

    Dean, Carter School
    Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Carter School

    Dr. Özerdem is Dean of the Carter School and specializes in conflict resolution, peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction. With over 20 years of field research experience in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, El Salvador, Indonesia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, and Turkey.
  • Photo of Agnieszka Paczynska

    Associate Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Carter School

    Agnieszka Paczynska’s research focuses on the relationship between economic and political change and conflict, development and conflict, security-development nexus, post-conflict reconstruction policies, the relationship between globalization processes and local conflicts, and conflict resolution pedagogy.
  • Headshot of Antti Pentikäinen

    Director, Mary Hoch Center for Reconciliation, Carter School
    Research Professor, Carter School

    Antti holds experience in peace processes and reconciliation in Somalia, South Sudan and Libya. His efforts now focus on developing support mechanisms to connect insider reconcilers with state level political processes.
  • Photo of Arthur Romano

    Assistant Professor, George Mason University, Carter School

    Professor Romano is a scholar-practitioner whose research and applied interests include global educational movements, the use of transformative and experiential education in communities affected by violence and nonviolence education.