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Student Opportunities

Don't wait to be a change-maker. You can do that here. From our research centers, to our field-based courses, earning a degree at the Carter School will take you to the epicenter of conflict and launch you into a meaningful career.

As a Carter School student, you'll engage in conflict resolution practice, developing expertise for innovative leadership, cutting-edge research, critical analysis, and engaged scholarship and practice.

Our students:

  • Gain internship experience in government, nonprofit, education, and business. The Washington, D.C., area is filled with agencies, companies, and groups that provide such opportunities. Our students have interned at USAID, Northern Virginia Mediation Services, and the World Food Program, managing court and community mediation programs, humanitarian assistance, and micro-finance projects in the developing world.
  • Collaborate with faculty on projects that focus on global and domestic conflict such as the Africa Working Group, Systemic Violence Working Group, and Zones of Peace.
  • Hone their research and practice skills through local and international field-based courses such as field work with Syrian Refugees in Jordan, Gender and Conflict in Indonesia, and Victimhood and Social Justice in Spain.
  • Work with centers that interact with communities, organizations, and governments. Locally our students have been working with an immigrant community on violence reduction and community centers to deal effectively with discipline.
  • Present at conferences that address critical issues such as identity politics, genocide prevention, cultural conflicts, racial reconciliation, and economic inequality.